...liedke's music manages to balance an organic sense of shape and development with a firm sense of stylistic intent, and the more-than-meets-the-ear quality of these songs reward repeated listening.
dan bilawsky
Stacks Image 224
...all peculiarly acting young musicians who on occasion sound as if thelonious monk was recording for ECM back in the 70th... well done!
lothar trampert
Stacks Image 236
...zeitenwende is the product of three imaginative and selfless performers. ...it's filled with imaginative music—tunes that hold the attention and reward repeated listening with fresh nuances. liedke is building an impressive body of work, deserving of much wider recognition.
bruce lindsay
Stacks Image 246
...'zeitenwende' is a beautifully accomplished album that will reveal different hues and shades with each listen.
Tokyo Jazz Notes
Stacks Image 256
this second release from germany's sebastian liedke trio is initially so unassuming that it is only on repeated listens that the music unfolds in understated complexity... the contemplative nature of the music is infused with a bristling energy... 'zeitenwende' is quality over quantity — a beautiful and engaging collection...
karl ackermann
Stacks Image 266
...a beautiful, calmly flowing jazz album.
ingo baron
Stacks Image 276
...overall a record filled with mystery, shadows, contrasts, exciting and with tender poesy enchanting and beautiful. one can say, perhaps something like trance-jazz after all.
tom fuchs
Stacks Image 286
...it is an enjoyable and thought-provoking opus that rewards close listening and whets the appetite for more from this highly talented ensemble.
hrayr attarian
Stacks Image 297
...a breezy, well-arranged, smooth and sweet melancholic jazz record, that is definitely worth listening to... highly recommended!´
Stacks Image 308
...these three perform together beautifully and create intensely soulful music that makes you imagine morning fog rising over the spree. amazing!
arnd müller
Stacks Image 318
…even so this cd release makes you sit up and take notice with delight, under PIROUET or even ECM conditions produced it could be sensational.´
thomas fitterling
Stacks Image 328
...it's one of the freshest and loveliest releases of 2010... emotive, inventive and lyrical, to walk in the past is an outstanding debut.
bruce lindsay
Stacks Image 338
...to walk in the past experiments without being inaccessible, is enough to warrant commendation, but there is much more. liedke is retaining the jazz tradition while offering a very fresh approach to the form—and an ethereal quality to the music.'
karl ackermann
Stacks Image 348
...this type of group can't be pigeonholed into any one area... this is moving mood music for music lovers.
dan bilawsky
Stacks Image 358
...a really impressing trio!
lothar trampert
Stacks Image 368

Stacks Image 401
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